Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Internet sales

Internet sales are going strong - 60% of what we put up for sale on eBay has already sold within a few days. If you haven't gotten yours yet and you have PayPel, click on this link to eBay (if you don't use PayPal but want to make a purchase, send me an email; link is in the "about me" section).

This little experiment was good because it showed that there really is ample interest in a Poe calendar. Once we sell out this first batch of internet sales, we'll probably add a slew more! As we get closer and closer to January 1, I hope to see sales really go through the roof! Tell your friends and let's get Poe plastered all over the year 2009!

I haven't heard how sales are doing at the Edgar Allan Poe NHS in Philadelphia - I hope a few are flying off the shelves. The Poe Museum in Richmond received an electronic sample and is, hopefully, considering stocking a few in their gift shop. No word back from Baltimore and how they'll be sold at the big bicentennial gala (featuring John Astin!) but I hope to hear soon.

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