Monday, December 29, 2008

Keep a date with Poe

The Poe Calendar is making the rounds in the press now! From the front page of the Daily News Tribune (Boston area) today:

Keep a date with Poe

WALTHAM — There was much more to Edgar Allan Poe than the macabre masterpieces he’s most known for, said Waltham resident Rob Velella.

Velella, a Poe aficionado, has tried to capture the poet’s many dimensions through a daily desk calendar he created in celebration of Poe’s 200th birthday, which is Jan. 19.

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Rob Velella said...

I was also used as a quoted source in another story on the Poe bicentennial, more focused on the "Great Poe Debate" about which city deserves Poe's legacy most. The story is here. It's, frankly, a terrible article, with typos, incorrect information, and no indication why this Rob guy was being interviewed. Ah well. If you check out the image slide show, you might recognize a certain piece of Poe memorabilia on Ed Pettit's desk...